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How long can our order sit out for parent pick up? 

Good News! Our “simple ship” cookie dough makes pick up a breeze for you. No fuss with freezer space and staying late to distribute. Although a freezer or refrigerator is best, our dough is safe to store at room temperature (under 80 degrees)for up to 10 days. 

Is your product full of preservatives? 

Aside from the normal preservatives that you would find in any cookie dough to preserve ingredients like eggs, and chocolate, etc... Nope.. no extras of the unwanted stuff here. We actually have made our formula with less of the things that feed bacteria, making it easier to transport, safer to store and delicious to eat! 

Missing a couple of items? 

Sometimes a wrong item can be keyed in. Not to worry though! We can help make sure your families get exactly what they ordered. We ask that you allow 2-3 days for sellers to distribute, then just give us a call. 

How can I buy more? 

Visit our online store at or call us anytime. We will be happy to take your order over the phone.

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